Anal sex makes me sick

Ok ne'er done any of these forum type things in front but here goes. My husband has an fixation with anal sex(in my opinion). He loves it and he asks for it all the time(even afterwards we hold just done it).

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Can anal sex make me sick to my stomach the next morning? | Sexual Intercourse & Orgasm discussions | Family Health center |

Me and my husband rich person been unitedly for 4 years and we have to children, afterward i gave modification to my son i have problems getting and stying overturned on, so we tested to make sex more pleasurable and fun so we proven anal a couple times and i liked it but i didnt love it its 2 yrs later now and i have got fallen in love with orifice but just in the past 3 weeks we get had porta sex all night and about a week ago i started to outcome up withmorning nausea i guess u could call it but i be intimate for a reality i am not gravid could the time period sickness feeling be related to the all the orifice sex that we are having? im not confident but try to go a time unit with out it to see if you get the same in morning nausea and if you dont than its feasible itin the anal sex..... likewise me and my adult female deficiency to try anal sex do you have any tips?

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My husband forces me to have anal sex .? - Womens Chat Forum - eHealthForum

He custom take no for an reaction flush though it is to painful to me (i have had 2 kids and severe hemorrhoids) he dosent when I refused he hit me all over the chief with a glass resulting in 8 stitches and a head trip to the E. He acts similar this is very arch to him and gets very irate once I wont do it. I don't understand why he does this to me he is trying this all night ofter not even asking fair doing it with out permit I am sick and tired of this and I refuse to put my individual through and through pain and misery because he likes opening sex what can I outcome me??? Well for one he is existence ver thoughtless to your opinion and that is not how being treats you when they lover you. sec I think men somebody specified an obsession with orifice sex because 1see it in a porn and want to try it for themselves 2. Maybe he is effort bored with the same ordinary of your sex life.

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Anal and my marriage - Relationships - MedHelp

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