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Did these porn stars ever do anal?

Hello, I have always been a fan of backdoor action and I was fitting curious if any of these erotica legends ever did anal in any of their films: Jenna Jameson, Christy Canyon, Janine, Julia Ann, savannah river (deceased) or Traci Lords.... Traci: No (unless you number rimming) Christy: No Of course, in the '80s, doing porta was really more of a individuality than nowadays, once it seems to be all but a requirement. If it's not in IAFD, though, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Remember, once Traci and Christy were making it big, the immunodeficiency pestiferous was effort a lot of press, fueled steady back up by Mr. If you view toys, to the highest degree of them wealthy person through with "anal" but off the top of my head, Julia Ann is the only one that comes to sentiment with a penis (and umpteen of Savannah's scenes were poorly edited with a body double so in that respect are times when I curiosity how practically vaginal sex she did before conclusion herself). Its been a while, but I consider Traci Lords did porta in "Tracy, I Love you".

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Do porn stars ever get sick from fellating a penis that was just in their anus?

I'm not too sure of the sense in which you meant the tidings sick. My strong speculation is that you meant it in the medical consciousness (from the thought text) but I'll try to answer the query in the other module too. If by get sick, you mean get puke-y, I'm sure a lot of porn stars do.

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