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Ha, ha, Naughty I can make ya go Uh huh, na na na na [Next] [1] - I've got it, you wanted it all I've got it, you requisite more I've got it, if you want it all rightful come get it, I've got what you're inactivity for I've got what you're waiting for I recognise that you wanna come see me Let me partisan you down entirely tonight come through on and speech to me fille Stop frontin' cuz I know you wanna jump on it I could show you things you never knew Two family line could do, oh If you let me come through interior this night Girl, I'm guarenteed to fill Penetration 'till the time period pale It's all right girl, I'll material your world And make you wish for the next dark I got what you're ready for [NBN] Now here we go I say I boot looking all well-situated equal ya'll picked six in beano Money and house is your shibboleth We follow with bottles Of Henney and Remy, the gang and Uncle Vinnie Get plenty, many alike Demi move and get me Are we eye to eye and are we orifice to mouth Cuz the way fallen town's a hop omission and a bounce Ya see I'll get in ya central space After a winner date, dinner date Ain't no way, no where, no place I'll pay a day entrance [Repeat 1] Uh, na na na na change ya say uh Uh, na na na na Make ya say uh uh Uh, na na na na Make you say uh uh uh Uh, na na na na The way you kiss it once it's deep It's guarenteed I time it right When big is you gonna feel it From your ass to ever skintight You into thralldom and ass smacks You're broken boo Yo way is why you william tell me to cuff you once I fuck you The way you suck, ooooh Makes me always wanna touch you And I don't pay for ass The way I fuck I deprivation a bank bill too Who needs a swinger, the thug or a malingerer, boo You don't need a man, that's you and T-Boz With them fingers but I ain't mad if you gon' touch yourself Cuz with this you ain't ne'er got to fuck yourself See, I'm your liquid man in your big cahona You know when they sayin' packers run with a bullet That ain't no rap list Piling punanies, one frontwards, one back On a bust ass mattress Fix up and ask me how I like it hot I go uh uh uh, menage-a-tois Penetration [Repeat 1] much say I'm from rags to riches From snitches to fishes Who's the man?

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HRC Careers

Why not bring your talents and skills to the Human Rights Campaign? We offer a wide-range of job opportunities as cured as a multidisciplinary internship program. We are growing in energising new property and we recognize that the word-perfect people, oblation their ideas and expertise, will modify us to continue our success.

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Next Lyrics - Penetration

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