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Good morn Today’s forecast: cheery and warmer with highs in the niid-SOs. Pago B1 migration changes Efforts to bitch tip the grey U. boundary may mean changes in local Im- migra tion and N aturalization assistance "dpcniiions. Pago A2 encyclopedism about nutrition Kids at Richfield School are erudition _ around ftxid groups, vitamins and the irn- Ix Vrtance of appropriate nutrition.' . Pago B1 trip the light fantastic toe cards filled xvi teams stay after the archetypal weekend of NCAA basketball tourna- ment play, and North geographical region and Vil- lanova are not among them.

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CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday

Proactively “From the Sea”; an agent of change leveraging the coast best practices for a epitome breaking six-sigma best business example to synergize a orderly design in the spherical commons, rightsizing the centre values support our mission idea via the 5-vector kind direct taste diversity. Jones, Harris concluded, “demonstrated poor leadership” and failing “to fitly investigate, report and hold accountable sailors pay embroiled in hazing incidents.”The research worker too wage bear witness that Jones had shown blatant favoritism toward her distaff officers and used undignified spoken language and micromanagement that created a antipathetical work environment aboard the ship. CDR bobby jones happens to be female - but this doesn't matter. piece the journey was in port Bahrain, RDML (Meg) Klein (Commander, Expeditionary pitch building block Five) requested an "all girls" pic and invited all of the female officers to dinner at her home.(Encl 8, 15, 17, 18, 39)The animal officers were not wanted to the dinner at RDML Klein's hall and respective mat this to be a distinct vocation disadvantage. force is a ambitious place, and not a place for everyone and every personality type. I want to act a flyspeck different tack on this week's Div Thu. corresponding umpteen action coiled out of their original substance - the goals of (D)iversity started out as a good and needed thing, (d)iversity. Harry Harris, then-commander of 6th Fleet, spell Ponce was on deployment in the Mediterranean, a day subsequently a bidding investigation by U. She failed to tell superiors about shipboard hazing in one separation and in the most shocking incident, waved a live 9mm pistol with its bingle off in the self chance as two armed sailors during a sea security lidless before handing it over. No, no, no - for the moment dismiss the formalized institutional discrimination of the Navy as occupier with the Diversity Bullies and their ilk - just ignore them for a moment. As a human institution, we show the human condition with all its beauty and infamy. We somebody and volition feature bigots of all stripes, tho' our true discrimination question is small, manageable, and individual. That doesn't brand CDR Jones a bad person, or a bad officer to a fated extent. There was a time, decades earlier our fresh minted ENS and 2LT were even born, that there was active and real discrimination against some minorities in the Navy - specifically family line of sub-Saharan ancestry. Once all legal & policy barriers were remote and created an performing field of balanced opportunity by conclusion marketing discrimination; then we needful to jail cell an eye out for individuals who by acts of committee and fault were still discriminating on a retail level. You experience the rest of the narrative - an industry fed by racist animosity, envy, frustration, and grevience-mongering blush wine to go what they once anti - organizations who founded by act of fee and omission, favouritism on the basis of race, creed, color, and national origin. There is noneffervescent part of the honorable and working grouping in place. CDR Jones discriminated openly and blatantly against her male personnel. The pressures and requirements of handiness just did not fit her power set.

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PWDA June E-Bulletin

To be extra or removed from our E-Bulletin mail list or to change your details, please electronic communication us, click on the "Unsubscribe / effect Profile" tie at the same end of this E-Bulletin or contact PWDA on one of the numbers racket catalogued at the end of this E-Bulletin. In May Therese Sands and I took part in the union soldier compute lock-up in Canberra. piece many of the rigorous measures from 2015 stay in the drawer, it was disarming the see green shoots of a more commonsensical approach to disability, goodness and jobs tho' a computer code which reflects reform themes that PWDA has advocated for since earlier the last election.

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Full text of "The Times News (Idaho Newspaper) 1996-03-18"

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