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Note that our intent is not to make fun of children themselves, because — well, that’d conscionable be assholish. We do recognize, though, that plenty of children legal document credibly be Googling their own stupid reputation and find this site. This site is our public square for the merciless teasing of parents who give their children stupid names. We are more than one person, although we go by the sanction of johnny Dongle. We likewise run the site if you’re into funny written material about awkward Craigslist hookups as an alternative of fucked-up young mammal names. We assume you’re visiting us because one of your friends or acquaintances has told you about dopy Kid and was either: a) horrified at the cruel manner in which we skewer parents and their decisions to body part their children ridiculously self-indulgent and shamefully dopy names; or b) delighted at the fact that someone is eventually saying what you’ve been rational every time some brain-dead fuckstick friend of yours has salvo through your door swaddling a newborn named Paden, Breckstin, Trinja, Jaggart, Trixton, Alize’, Cearra, Kaydinn, or Dontraveontrelle. We bad much approve all comments, negative or positive, so knock yourself out.

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: NCL : Cruise Law News

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About Stupid Kid Names & Johnny Dongle

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