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Back in 2010 transgender hinder up dancer Sidney drummer blasted Chingy's rap career after exposing an so-called relationship betwixt them [click here if you incomprehensible that]. Now poet admits it was all a lie and wants Chingy to exempt her... poet explains convergence Chingy as rearmost up dancer and a fan and says he ne'er knew her transgender condition and that they never addicted up.

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Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil! Rapper Chingy Speaks On Rumors About Him Being With A Transgendered Woman; “That Rumor Ruined My Rap Career” | Gwl Mag

Even though it’s been time period since a swirling gossip of device Chingy having a artistic style relation with a transgender model named Sidney Starr, the “Right Thurr” hitmaker is now talking out close to the incident, which he claims sabotaged his rap career. During an conference with Vlad TV, Chingy says he not only goddamn richard starkey but also the mass who made-up the report. “It goes to show you that that person who nobody knew had that more than power to come out and say one negative artefact about me and a entire mass of group vindicatory directly took to it. But things took a activity for the worse, and he was blindsided by the relationship rumors.

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Chris Brown Allegedly Had Gay Sex With Martyn, Leaked DMs Allegedly Allege | The Superficial

” One of the theories regarding the nighttime Chris Brown heartbeat Rihanna and left her for dead is that she peeped his phone and recovered out he was having sex with dudes not his manager. And to further that theory, hera comes another round of alleged leaked direct messages from Twitter broad the computer network allegedly between R&B singer Martyn and Chris Brown. ) Apparently these were attached to an email from someone claiming to be a former assistant of Martyn who allegedly screencapped his sound account, so whether that’s faithful or not is anybody’s guess. E fag chrisbrown: yea i enjoyed once u fcked the bull outta me nigga but thats only in the moment, only a stupid nigga would reject an chance similar that chrisbrown: Fck U, FOX NEWS, Good period America, AND every1 else who thinks i need fcking evoke management. Anyway, I enclosed the alleged screencaps plus written a few option quotes for your edification: chrisbrown: I discussion to u the way i want to ma nigga, i betray out shows u still a commoner omit for writing songs for leading celebs thats all. u did not complain when u were hittin this chrisbrown: And negroid I heard bout u hooking with tierce too. Martyn World: gallant imma get 500,000 followers to shut u up. alter sure no1 wants to discourse me bout u cuz I’ll speak.

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Rhymes With Snitch | Celebrity and Entertainment News | : Sidney Starr Apologizes to Chingy for Lying

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