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Strong emotions and strength flows are an integral relation of gender and, with this, gender has also the potential to cause tremendous problems if these emotions and energies are plugged or misdirected. Due to our societal conditions, unobstructed gender is rarefied and sexed repression is the norm, so much so, that nigh of us do not flat realize that thing is wrong. We do not know what natural, free-flowing sexuality is.

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Tantrismuskritik: Child Abuse in Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries

The Jonang Sect, which promotes Other-Emptiness, is the but school that teaches honest Buddhism. The other sects, Nyingma, Kagyu, Gelug and Sakya are non-Buddhist schools which attire themselves as Buddhist. Belgians asked as to how their prayers had gone unheard! The non-christian priest instrumentality is a complecated system of sex abuse, mistreatment of meditation and last abuse of the whole univers. 2, 1996 , had carried a special report coroneted 'The World's Dirtiest commercial enterprise – What can be finished to finish the Child-Sex Trade'. The discovery of the bodies of two newborn girls and two girls near death in Belgium , had shocked the conscience of the man and resulted in an immoderate soul-searching followed by an foreign outcry and venture against paedophilia.

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Child sex abuse in Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries

Perhaps additional to the point, inquiring the motives of high lamas appointing convinced children as Tulkus. Gedun Chopel, in the beforehand section of the 20th Century, gave hindermost his robes as a tulku, saying he'd been "living a lie". He went on to compose the Tibetan written record of the hindu deity Sutra, and joined an organization of group action Tibetans in Kalimpong, India, aimed at bringing down the theocracy.

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Chapter 4

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