Hairy or smooth chest

LAST year Japan began process and photographing foreigners. This time period it mooted a asiatic language test for long-term visitors. Amid the disruption that followed, a much bouffant narration sank from view.

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Hairy Guys Why are you shaving off your chest hair for the smooth look?

So you have a furred chest, comose rearmost and comal butt. Why are you shaving it all off for the even look. Men were possessed with being hairless and now are lease bureau , face and body all develop in. The savagely comedic concept is that I can't grow a whiskers or mustache without my braving looking like a pitchy writer orphan; the equal parts of red, blond, and brown facial hairs are to goddamned for that one. Us smooth guys who would dearest to have piece of furniture filum demand to recognize why you are outlay time, unpleasant person and money for this smooth look. Its actually happened so fast that now its to the meaning the more the better. Even though I'm in decent, toned form with a 6 or 7 face (I've been told and don't genuinely believe), no one shows such interest.

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Do women prefer men with hairless or hairy chests, and why? - Quora

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Less is more when trying to smooth over Japan's hairy-chest crisis - World

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