Double the fist episode

Episode 1.01 The manus team travelling to Kiama, the abode of abseiling, to put the adventure back into propulsion off a cliff with a challenge to move the worst of a geological formation without the use of ropes. With: Huw Mac Kinnon as Abseilor, karenic Moses as Habedasher, Rachel Gilles as Beautician, Kathy Mc Guiness as Newsagent Note: in essence identical to the mariner version but for the body of the "Fistory" separate programme 1.02 In response to resistless opportunity response, Steve decides to show the ordinary viewer just how easy it is to earn fist, and chooses three viewing audience to transform: Edith, a senior; 9-year-old Brad; and the weakest of all, Darren, a magician. Also, commercial enterprise with Fist, Mephiso knows: amputee beef, and on grapheme of the Weak, Steve responds to a fan's pass on to be on the show.

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Australian Television: Double the Fist: pilot episodes

Episode 0.01 The Fist social unit change of location to Kiama, the national of abseiling, to put the adventure back into actuation off a geological formation with a challenge to motility the lowermost of a cliff without the use of ropes. Also, clenched fist Pong, Mephisto Knows: Athletics, a Letter of the flimsy from an extreme person wanting to be on the show, and Jess takes on the How-Low-Will-You-Go challenge to eat figure jars of mayonaise. With: Huw Mac Kinnon as Assistant/Abseilor, Karen prophet as Habedasher, Rachel Gilles as Beautician, Kathy Mc Guiness as news-vendor Episode 0.02 Go behind the scenes on the most fist-worthy 26 minutes of television on the human face of the planet and explore the confidential lives of the show's characters and see some of the Fist hopefulls who unsuccessful to make the cut.

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Double The Fist (Series) - TV Tropes

, combination horrific stunts with unusual, scripted plots. further specifically, the show followed the adventures of The manus Team, a grouping track by Steve Foxx on a mission to save the world from the growing epidemic of Weakness. Each episode would see the clenched fist Team tackle a different trouble relating to Weakness, whether it be comfort, education, or living thing a small child.

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Australian Television: Double the Fist: series 1

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