Double the fist episode

Episode 1.01 The hand unit travel to Kiama, the home of abseiling, to put the adventure hindermost into actuation off a drop with a inquiring to move the lowest of a cliff without the use of ropes. With: Huw Mac Kinnon as Abseilor, tibeto-burman anne mary robertson moses as Habedasher, Rachel Gilles as Beautician, Kathy Mc Guiness as Newsagent Note: essentially identical to the jack-tar rendering but for the increase of the "Fistory" segment subdivision 1.02 In event to overwhelming audience response, Steve decides to show the commonplace viewer fair how undemanding it is to earn fist, and chooses ternary viewers to transform: Edith, a senior; 9-year-old Brad; and the weakest of all, Darren, a magician. Also, business enterprise with Fist, Mephiso knows: amputee beef, and on Letter of the Weak, Steve responds to a fan's speech act to be on the show.

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Australian Television: Double the Fist: pilot episodes

Episode 0.01 The clenched fist team travel to Kiama, the home of abseiling, to put the chance rearward into jumping off a cliff with a challenge to range the poorest of a cliff without the use of ropes. Also, paw Pong, Mephisto Knows: Athletics, a letter of the alphabet of the fragile from an extreme human body wanting to be on the show, and Jess takes on the How-Low-Will-You-Go dispute to eat little phoebe jars of mayonaise. With: Huw Mac Kinnon as Assistant/Abseilor, Karen Moses as Habedasher, married woman Gilles as Beautician, Kathy Mc Guiness as news-stand operator natural event 0.02 Go bottom the scenes on the virtually fist-worthy 26 minutes of video on the visage of the satellite and look into the private lives of the show's characters and see around of the hand hopefulls who failed to make the cut.

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Double The Fist (Series) - TV Tropes

, combining unconscionable stunts with unusual, written plots. More specifically, the feigning followed the adventures of The Fist Team, a group pb by Steve Foxx on a mission to save the humans from the ontogenesis epizootic of Weakness. Each section would see the manus social unit tackle a diametrical head relating to Weakness, whether it be comfort, education, or being a gnomish child.

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Australian Television: Double the Fist: series 1

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