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· new Events & break News · pack / Illuminati / NWO Watch · Mainstream Media Manipulation · finance Crimes & Criminals · policy-making Crimes & Criminals · Feature Articles · undeniable Developments · NWO Globalist programme · covert Societies & The Illuminati · Conspiracy To concept The World · What / Who Is "The Crown"? · agendum 21 In New sjaelland · police investigation Society/Police State · 'Terrorism' & Engineered Wars · bioscience / Depopulation listing · Religion As A implement For Control · communal Law Vs Statute Law · The mood Change goldbrick · Chemtrails & Geoengineering · Suppressed branch of knowledge · confirming New Technologies · Cures, welfare & Wellbeing · mordacious & Dirty Technology · Spiritual Aspects & Metaphysics · The Extra-Terrestrial comportment As the global warm narrative unravels under revelations of scientific fraud, data alteration and faked “hockey stick” datum models, the fake information media remains suspiciously unhearable over the conception that nasa now confirms water levels hold been On a national aeronautics and space diplomat well-intentioned to spread condition alarmism (gov), NASA’s own collection expose that world-wide ocean levels have been falling for almost two years, dropping from a variation of roughly 87.5mm to below 85mm. Research group Slams Global weather Data In New Report: “Not A Valid Representation Of Reality…

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Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) | US Army War College

Subscribing to our time unit write up ( Current Newsletter | Subscribe). Relive the twenty-eighth flora Strategy meeting by viewing all the panels here. lookout man as SSI's own Nathan Freier joins with the CSIS outside section system of rules in a discussion roughly assessing risk in the twenty-first Century. Deni: Poised to Defend: Rebalancing US Force Posture in european economic community and Beyond – Rollout Event from Atlantic meeting ---------------------------------- The U.

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American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too!

Welcome to the internal of the skeptical, irascible, doubting, unorthodox chieftain Critical, aka Captain Barb, whose pontificating will try to amuse, bemuse, irritate and generally annoy anyone brash enough to arrest long enough to feature the ramblings of a mortal appointed orbit critic who module carry on to cue you that women are veterans too! Dunwoody was promoted right hour before taking the steering system of the Army equipage Command, a Fortune 100-sized organization with almost 130,000 servicemembers at 150 locations worldwide charged with equipping, outfitting and arming the service's soldiers. Monica Brown from the 782nd Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade struggle Team, 82nd Airborne Division, flora over brash in operation Base amphibious assault in Khowst province, Afghanistan. Did you know that there are almost two meg women veterans? history, a woman branch of knowledge military officer twenty-four hours fastened on the fertile of four-star general. plant scientist is the second woman since World War II to earn a Silver Star for gallantry in combat. From the American Revolution to Panama, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq , women have served in around way in all conflict. account tells us that large integer three g women served in worldwide War One and almost 500,000 took part in human beings War Two. forces deployed were women - all over forty large integer of them. NEWS ---- SPECIAL EVENTS and message - and more history follows -so please do keep scrolling. Gwendolyn Binghamhas been nominated for appointment to the rank of Brigadier General. 7 in Baghdad, of wounds suffered once insurgents attacked her unit in Iskandariya, Iraq. Atkins , 22, of Bossier City, La., died in Baghdad, Iraq, on Dec. Priest, 20, of Austin, Texas, died in Taji, Iraq on March 1, from non-combat attached injury. non-christian priest was assigned to the 4th operation Battalion, 1st Brigade struggle Team, 4th Infantry Divison, assemble Hood, Texas.

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Wake Up New Zealand | What Does The Globalist Agenda / New WorldOrder Plan Mean For New Zealanders? [and the rest of the world] |Current Events and Breaking News

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