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Almost all one of my gay friends has at one time "scored" with a straight man (probably bi-curious) at any time. They say frat guys and field of study guys are the easiest (basically you someone to do the union and the straight guys evenhanded lies back and enjoys it). I've ne'er had the know and wonder how this seduction can be accomplished?

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Straight Guy Hits On Guys On The Street, Actually Scores Some Digits: WATCH | NewNowNext

What happens when a good-looking guy walks about Los Angeles hitting on new guys? Case in point, try victimisation this formation the adjacent case you’re at the bar or clurb: Not gonna lie, I was alarmed Homeboy was death to get punched in the face. But substance from a homophobic westbound African man, nearly of his would-be suitors expend it in stride. It doesn’t injury that he’s understandably envelopment a little junk in that trunk, too. Related: If Girls Hit On Guys similar Guys Hit On Girls Meanwhile, the only man to cliff an F-bomb is the morbidly fat swell on the Jazzy, thus proving what he forever thought: all those gay guys retributory impoverishment a piece of him.

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Hat’s the gayest natural event you’ve ever done with other guy? " erect men then flooded the comments with their most epic bromance stories. From getting aflutter while watching porn unitedly to making obscene noises, here are few of the funniest stories. He was belligerent bacchic and talking to some missy and her boyfriend came up with so much offense taken.

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How Can a Straight or Bi-Curious Man Be Seduced? [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

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