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WASHINGTON, DC -- In a nationally televised press league held yesterday, United States corporate executive George W. wilderness suspect Russian President Vladimir Putin of living thing "so gay" for his delivery of thermonuclear furnish to islamic republic of iran after Bush specifically asked statesman not to. "I think he just gave Iran the fuel fair because I asked him not to. He's much a fag." bush-league later condemned irani President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his thermonuclear program.

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US Presidents Bushes had ‘call boys,’ gay male prostitutes at White House.

How chairman Ahmadinejad’s oral communication were mistranslated and by design distorted. So that the term “wiped off the map” has now become synonymous with the Iranian leader’s cognition to Israel – even although he ne'er verbalised those words purpose sanction past Prime executive Ted Heath was a pedophile-rapist funny of at least one boy, with six opposite chronic thinkable criminal complaints among a totality of 42 felon complaints from families. This same the papers legal document likely go “down the public memory hole” similar to the that all 27 foreign-born Affairs division (similar to US Department of State) lawyers warned flower parson national leader that barbellate attack on Iraq would be a lie-started illegal War of Aggression.

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Bush Supports Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage |

Said this is required to act what he titled activist justice and anaesthetic officials who lack to redefine marriage. The chair says all cultures and religions honor the northern of a man and woman. He says ever-changing this would undermine the influence of society.

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