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WASHINGTON, DC -- In a nationally televised press conference held yesterday, United States united states president George W. Bush accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being "so gay" for his delivery of cell organ fuel to Iran after wild specifically asked Putin not to. "I expect he just gave persia the take in just because I asked him not to. He's such a fag." woody plant later condemned Iranian united states president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his cell organ program.

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US Presidents Bushes had ‘call boys,’ gay male prostitutes at White House.

How chief of state Ahmadinejad’s words were mistranslated and deliberately distorted. So that the term “wiped off the map” has now suit substitutable with the asian country leader’s mannerism to kingdom – even tho' he ne'er uttered those language will confirm erstwhile Prime Minister Ted Heath was a pedophile-rapist funny of at least one boy, with six extra confirmed credible criminal complaints among a total of 42 condemnable complaints from families. This aforesaid the report will likely go “down the overt memory hole” similar to the that all 27 foreign-born affair sphere (similar to US Department of State) lawyers warned Prime Minister anthony charles lynton blair that armed military operation on asian country would be a lie-started illegal War of Aggression.

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Bush Supports Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage |

Said this is needed to stop what he called crusader judge and local anaesthetic officials who want to define marriage. The chief of state says all cultures and religions honor the federal of a man and woman. He says dynamical this would weaken the influence of society.

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