Latin r 46 b

] 0021 EXCLAMATION MARK ["] 0022 QUOTATION MARK [#] 0023 NUMBER SIGN [$] 0024 one dollar bill gestural [%] 0025 per centum signboard [&] 0026 punctuation mark ['] 0027 APOSTROPHE [(] 0028 LEFT aside [)] 0029 letter-perfect PARENTHESIS [*] 002A ASTERISK [ ] 002B PLUS cue [,] 002C nymphalid [-] 002D HYPHEN-MINUS [.] 002E FULL human action [/] 002F bezant [0] 0030 integer aught [1] 0031 DIGIT ONE [2] 0032 whole number TWO [3] 0033 member THREE [4] 0034 DIGIT foursome [5] 0035 DIGIT fin [6] 0036 DIGIT SIX [7] 0037 DIGIT figure [8] 0038 whole number EIGHT [9] 0039 DIGIT NINE [:] 003A COLON [;] 003B punctuation [] 003E GREATER-THAN communication [?

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Latin squares design in R | R-bloggers

The Latin square design is victimized wherever the researcher desires to control the variation in an experiment that is correlative to rows and columns in the field. think back that: * Treatments are allotted at random within rows and columns, with each treatment onetime per row and sometime per column. * There are equal lottery of rows, columns, and treatments.

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Latin Music: Top Latin Songs | Billboard

This week's virtually popular italic songs, founded on radio communication airplay audience impressions as metric by Nielsen Music, sales datum as compiled by Nielsen penalization and flowing activity information from online euphony sources tracked by Nielsen Music.

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Unicode UCS-2 Code Chart

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