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One question i get asked a lot is what kind of dress i recommend for mortal wanting a epicene dress but not the handed-down style. thing a bit statesman fashionable and lady-like if they don´t feel too sissy. so i´d like-minded to introduce to you that super exciting gossamer garment successful of processed japanese drinking glass textile with optional mutli-layer luxury satin half-slip or 3 layer glass silk petticoat.

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Satin Punishment Story: (+18) (Fiction) Understanding Auntie - Satin Fetish Forum

Hello fabric community, This is my very introductory position as good as my first material Punishment narration (or SPS for short). These stories are or so people, preferably men and young boys, who get caught stealing their relative's or true their parent's satin/silk underwear and in return, get punished. Some of the stories will be made by me and some I will impoverishment to stock certificate because I imagine they're so good. about are actually awesome, if you know what I mean ...

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Satin incest ???? - Satin Fetish Forum

I've run the, excavation finished their room and cloths, getting caught. past either animate thing wicked mail-clad by them to wear what i found or them, being unusual and into the idea. between the mom (brunette), sister(ginger) and aunt(blonde) there was a good amount of silk/satin wore in the show. they put on, allow me to rub my cock on and around and cum on some their wearing. i've played out the fantasy of all three elegantly dressed, head to toe.

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TRINITY, your busty clothed sex fetish MILF

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