New sexual positions for couples

My name is S., I'm 24 years old and I'm a writer living in New York City. Two days ago I met my boyfriend at a social gathering and a month later we started sleeping together. I've always mat up like sexual chemistry is staggeringly important in a relation and luckily D. But like most couples, our sex living slowed down a bit after around a time period and we started effort back to the identical 3 or 4 positions each time we hooked up.

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Kama Sutra app lets insatiable couple try more than 400 sexual positions | Daily Mail Online

After vindicatory three months they had worked their way through with the entire account book of 365 positions at their home in Erdington, Birmingham, so they started looking for some other aid to satisfy their sexed appetite and found the app online. The Kama Sutra is an ancient amerindian Hindu book and part of it outlines possible proposal on sexual intercourse.'Kāma' means sensual or sexed pleasure, and 'sūtra' virtually means a train of thought or mark that holds things together. Whilst it chiefly describes being sensuous, Kamasutra also ascribes to religious faith and custom of the religion system.

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Top 40 sex positions - goodtoknow

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77 Sex Positions Couple Introduction

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