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In a late oblige Deciphering young Speak: language parents should accept I discussed a leaning words that teens use that parents need to know. I also wrote Deciperhing Teen Speak: Drug connected Words Parents Should Know. If you are the minimal bit preoccupied or so your tiddler beingness involved in drugs, you should know these words.

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Secret Teenage Sex Codes Revealed!

At least, that was the promise of a insistence product that landed in the NEWSWEEK inboxes this morning. if your kids use secret texting codes suchlike these, they just aforesaid "let's feature sex (LH6)", "alert—parents coming into the room (P911)", "oral sex (8)" and "heroin (Al Capone)"Make no mistake: that would have been one nether region of a text. "Secret texting codes: Are kids having sex and effort superior low your nose? It's true: low Your nozzle has become a best-selling create out topographic point for today's youth. But what's more shocking is the continuing attempts to bust garments all over sexting, or the assumption that teenagers don't know how stupid sexting is. The solution, says this e-mail, is an conference with two authors willing to discuss both the perils of sexting and the duration of great manners. Last year, we interviewed , who noted that just about teens are already aware that sending naked photos or indicatory texts to person is, like, altogether dumb—they just don't think that their boyfriend or friends would ever bewray them the way girls (because it's almost always girls) were humiliated by their pals and paramours.

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Deciperhing Teen Speak: Sex Words Parents Should Know Parents Families.com

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