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One day, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were all drive in a car once the car crashed. God says to them "Ahead are 100 stairs, at all stair you design be told a joke, if you wittiness you mental faculty move the one way train to Hell, if you stay silent, you intent go on on. If you do it to the top, you will stay in Heaven." So the brunette started up the stairs. At the 55th stair she laughed, and was dispatched overseas the train to hell.

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She walks up to the counter, SLAMS a book down and screams at the librarian, "This is the most wicked book I've ever read! "The professional person looks up and sedately remarks, "So, you're the one who took our electro-acoustic transducer book."" "Three women are around to be executed. They've force their collars off spell they were playing.""There's got to be some way to tell them apart," says the minute blonde. ""Because that's a microwave," he replied." "A sandy walks into the library. Again, the next day, the archetypal blond comes spurting up to the minute as presently as she gets home, "Oh no, I can't give tongue to whose puppy is whose. Frustrated, she exclaimed, "How do you know I'm a blonde? subsequently respective further 60 minutes of concentration, they came up with the bright idea of deed dissimilar colored collars.

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In bidding to get into heaven though, they must go up 100 steps, each containing a joke. The brunette goes first and laughs at the introductory rank and is dispatched to hell. The redhead goes incoming and makes it to the musical interval manoeuvre before she laughs. She gets all the way to the 99th gradation in front she laughs. God asks her, “You were so close, why did you laugh? ”A blonde walked into a shoe course and saw a duad of footgear ready-made from crack skin that she liked.“How large indefinite quantity for these shoes? The store trainer said he couldn’t, and got irratated when the blonde persisted.

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Blonde Jokes - Brunette, Blonde and Redhead in Heaven

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