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Poet henry martyn robert Burns knew that even the best-laid plans of mice and men can go awry. But not even Burns would wealthy person wished on a prince the kind of lousy luck that can crash the best endeavors in war, order or love. A creative person for the London time unit Express, traveling privately, recognized Andrew’s toothy facial expression and messaged the scoop to deliriously contented editors posterior home. Fresh from his helicopter epos in the Falklands campaign, Britain’s dashing Prince Andrew, 22, had arranged a secret rollick in the caribbean sea with a gorgeous young companion. The Prince’s date was swiftly identified as American-born soft-core actress Kathleen “Koo” Stark, 26, and the country machine flew into a frenzy.

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Britain Gasps as Prince Andrew Picks a Date He'd Best Not Bring Home to Mum |

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