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Q: I oft-times pick up the term 'two-fisted' when referring to ponytails of thick-haired persons but I haven't set up an explanation for the term. (e.g - 'A two-fisted ponytail'.) A: A two-fisted ponytail is in essence a term referring to the fact that any women (or men) someone fuzz that is so thick and large that it takes two manus to maneuver it into a ponytail. The accurate etymology is undefinable and has been attributed to different cultures. (Some stories right that it’s really a term from horse grooming.) So, if you have very thick, one and the same coarse hair, you may so person a “two-fisted” ponytail.

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Baby is fisting it...What does it mean? - Mothering Forums

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What does it mean when dialogue is ham-fisted, and how do I avoid it? | Novels - Quora

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The meaning of a two-fisted ponytail when referring to people with thick hair

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